lördag 25 februari 2017

My dog!


Those of you who knows me by now, knows that I love CAS. Now and then I try to do mixed media or a page "filled with things" but I always return to my beloved CAS style (which I feel isn´t "good enough" in some peoples eyes, but maybe that is just in my head).

I love to see you talented designers who can do theese other styles, and I also want to have the skills to do that but I have to accept that my style fits me and that have to be good enough. Scrapbooking is a big part of my life and makes me feel happy. I can´t compare my self with others because then I have to stop doing this. 

Ooops I went a bit deep there... But this is something I struggle with everyday... But I will change the thoughts to be positive instead!!! Scrapbooking is something wonderful!!!

My lovley dog Mini! <3

Thank for stopping by!
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Hugs Åsa!

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  1. Känner igen mig massor där 💗💗💗 Men du gör fantastiska alster HELA TIDEN Åsa !!! Do what you Love, live what you do!! Så får vi öva oss att tänka positivt och bara NJUTA av vår underbara hobby istället!!!
    Kraaam Anna 💗💚