onsdag 7 mars 2018

Challenge YOUrself


Challenge YOUrself has a Scrapbook bingo for you this month. I think this is so much fun! 
Visit the blog for more details and more inspiration.  

Can´t wait to see your work AND remember to include YOU in your layout. 

I´ve used a kind of different picture of med this time.

I´ll try to explain why I used this photo. I hope you understand me, my english is NOT good...

The photo is taken in November 2017 and a couple of days earlier I had an epileptic seizure. 
I found out that I had epilepsy five years ago. At first I thought that this isn´t anything that will affect me that much. 
But it is!!! 
Some days are really really hard and the medicine makes me tired and unfocused. I have trouble with my memorie. I hate all these things. BUT I think it´s important to show pictures that isn´t instagram - friendly too. I think everybody have a struggle to fight but don´t want to show it. I want to show my struggle because it´s a huge part of who I am today. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs Åsa 

8 kommentarer:

  1. En fin och viktig LO! Starkt av dig att våga/vilja använda fotot <3 Kram Carina

  2. ((HUGS)) to you Asa - thank you for sharing your story - and especially THANK YOU for sharing your strength and beautiful talent. I hope these 2 amazing gifts you share will help others who may be struggling with challenges in their lives. So many of us only post the "good" and I think posting the tough stuff along with the good, helps others to deal with parts of their lives that are not always picture perfect!! <3

  3. Brave lady! And well done for sharing, will surely be of great help to others in a similar situation.xx

  4. Good for you for sharing your struggle. My mom had a brain seizure and after that was left with epilepsy too, her meds did ok job until she was allowed to reduce the amount. MY struggle is rheuma and arthritis also an invisible struggle

  5. This is a beautiful post, Åsa. Truth, honesty, transparency and vulnerability are highly undervalued and beautiful things in our world. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Asa I think you are an amazing person! I have been seeing all your funny and lovely pages for a while and I think you are so honest in all your pictures you post. This is great and will make so many women see they are not alone in their struggles.

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  8. What an incredible story of strength and inspiration. Thank you so much for your wonderful page and sharing your story behind it with all of us. HUGS!!!