lördag 7 april 2018

Challenge YOUrself -a sketch challenge


Challenge YOUrself has a fun sketch challenge for YOU this month. I hope you want to join us for this one. We had so many wonderful entries last month. 
So come on and let´s be creative! Can´t wait to see your work!
REMEMBER to include YOU!

This is how I want to inspire you this time:

It´s a picture of me getting ready for a big party. Haven´t we all been taking these pictures of ourselves in the mirror and sent them to a friend asking "How does it looks? Can I wear this dress? How about these earrings? What should I do wíth my hair? Lipstick or not? Which shoes?".... 
I don´t like to put a label on things with a gender but I really think this is a girl thing.... 

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs Åsa!

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